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South Paros Isles exploration

South Paros Isles explorationThis day-trip explores the group of 6 isles situated between Paros and Antiparos. Our trip starts at the Southern part of Paros and we quickly paddle the small distance to the first isles. We arrive at a small and sheltered lagoon-like bay that has turquoise waters and surely invites for a swim. 


After a snack we have the option to circumnavigate the isle, pass in front of the sea cave that has an underwater entrance and start the crossing to the second group of isles. There we stop for our lunch and visit the small chapel built to protect the sailors. We resume paddling and some play amongst rock gardens and finish with the last crossing back to Paros.

S PAros isles explortion
S PAros isles explortion2
S PAros isles explortion3