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North Antiparos – St Spiridon

north antiparos st spiridon coverWe start our paddle with the short crossing of the Paros-Antiparos strait and head to the Northern part of Antiparos. Here, the sea bottom is sandy and shallow (2m), the water is crystal clear and turquoise and with the sea kayaks we experience that in its maximum effect.

We opt to take our first stop in one of the available sandy beaches. After a swim and a snack we continue North and pass through a narrow passage that forms between the two isles. Leaving an impressive coastline with three - colored rocks on our right hand we cross to the St Spiridon isles complex. These isles form an ideal rocky playground for sea kayaking, with arches and narrow passages waiting to be explored. For our lunch break we walk up to the chapel and enjoy it with a panoramic view. On our paddle back we take a shorter and different way, one that goes through the other side of the isles.