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Depending on the route and wind conditions, a day trip may last between 4 to 6 hours, about half of that time is paddling time in a relaxed pace and the other half or more is relaxing time on the beach, swimming, snorkeling and having a snack or lunch.

We meet in the morning at the chosen meeting point (depends on the trip location) usually at the starting beach. We always take into account wind strength and direction in order to use it in our advantage and stay sheltered, so trips are decided a couple days beforehand in accordance to the weather forecast. Safety is our greater priority that's why our certified sea kayak guide is there to instruct you on proper technique, guide you and ensure that you have a memorable time on your kayak trip.

At the launch beach we hand you paddling equipment and brief you on kayak handling skills. It doesn't take long before we start paddling to get drawn by the exploratory nature sea kayaking offers. We stop for our first snack-fruits and swimming break and once we resume paddling we continue the exploration of small coves, interesting rock formations and small isles to our final destination. There we enjoy a well deserved lunch break that includes fresh local products. During the two stops there's time to swim, snorkel, sunbathe and explore the surrounding area where there's usually some small deserted Cycladic chapel, cliffs with a view point or a short hiking trail. Once the lunch stop is over we paddle back to finish an adventurous day spent in the outdoors (a total of 6 to 10km round trip).

The majority of our day trips are suitable for beginners, we keep a stable and comfortable paddling pace and there's sufficient rest time during our stops. More experienced paddlers can benefit from checking a feature further away and practicing paddle stroke skills and rolls during the breaks.

To book your trip call us at +30 6977206541 (preferably after 5pm) or contact us here



90 euro/person for day trips in Paros (happening more often)

100 euro/person for day trips in Antiparos

What is included in the price:

  • Sea kayaks (singles or doubles)
  • All the associated kayaking equipment needed (personal flotation device, paddles, spray decks, pumps)
  • Guide, certified by British Canoeing (BC)
  • Sea kayak handling briefing
  • Snack and lunch
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • 1 dry bag/person to carry personal items

Packing list

What you need to bring with:

  • A hat & sunglasses
  • A bottle of water (1,5lt per person) & towel
  • Sun scream
  • A long sleeve top or t-shirt will offer good sun protection
  • Camera. If it isn't waterproof it can be stowed in the dry bag and used at the breaks
  • Other necessary personal items, we hand you a dry bag to store them 

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North East Paros

North East ParosThe North East part of the island is interesting for sea kayaking because it forms a peninsula that widens at the tip and is suitable for a circumnavigation in a day trips time providing suitable wind conditions.In less then ideal wind conditions different route variations are available. On the eastern part we start on the turquoise waters of Filizi, pass by the very popular beach of Santa Maria and its smaller sibling Mikri Santa Maria. We leave the crowded waters of the bay and paddle across the rocky coastline where if we're lucky we might spot the pair of Peregrine Falcons that is found there.

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East Paros

east paros coverStarting at the edge of Tsoukalia beach we paddle South through an interesting rocky coastline, with scattered rocks, impressive cliffs and long slopes with mixed vegetation and the occasional grazing wild goat. After a shallow cave we arrive at the mouth of Molos bay, a big sheltered bay with a long beach engulfed in it. 

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South Paros

blue cave coverOn this day trip we start from the quiet beach of Tripiti. Moving west we explore the rocky coast and play into rock gardens that we meet along the way. We come across big limestone cliffs that are surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and stop for a snack and swim in a natural 'pool', a tightly enclosed rocky cove that has served as a hideout for a famous war-lord during the Greek revolution of the year 1821. 

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South Paros Isles exploration

South Paros Isles explorationThis day-trip explores the group of 6 isles situated between Paros and Antiparos. Our trip starts at the Southern part of Paros and we quickly paddle the small distance to the first isles. We arrive at a small and sheltered lagoon-like bay that has turquoise waters and surely invites for a swim. 

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South East Antiparos

se antiparos coverOn this day-trip we paddle along the East coast of the Southern peninsula of Antiparos. Moving close to the coast we observe nice rock formations of volcanic origin. We come across many beaches and we chose one for a snack and swim break. 

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South West Antiparos - Kavos Trachillas

South West Antiparos Kavos TrachillasOn this day-trip we move North along the West coast of Antiparos. After passing in front of the picturesque little church of St George that has given the name to the whole area, we paddle along a rocky coast that has hidden within it small sandy beaches.

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West Antiparos - Livadia bay

West Antiparos livadia bay coverThis day-trip moves along the rocky coastline of West Antiparos. High cliffs and slabs diving in the sea, geometric features, big overhanging rocks and a variety of different colors compose the scenery we paddle through.

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North Antiparos – St Spiridon

north antiparos st spiridon coverWe start our paddle with the short crossing of the Paros-Antiparos strait and head to the Northern part of Antiparos. Here, the sea bottom is sandy and shallow (2m), the water is crystal clear and turquoise and with the sea kayaks we experience that in its maximum effect.

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