Naousa Βay

66322248 351718758843304 2341211025514168320 n 1 CopyOn the Northern part of the island lies the bay of Naousa, a unique shelter of the Cyclades. 

We paddle explore the beautiful waters and granite rocks of Paros Park. A peninsula which is under local protection and presents a beautiful landscape in the island. After a first stop on a remote beach we cross to the small islands of the bay, sometimes having the waves pushing us from the back and trying to surf them along the way. Paddling South we reach Kolimpithres beach, a unique area scattered with granite boulders of various curved forms and turquise waters. Just above, looking high on the top of a hill we see the area where archaeologists have found ruins of an ancient acropolis dated from 1200BC. After an interesting swim and snorkeling session for those who want to we take our picnic break on one of the islands and explore the local chapel. We resume our trip back to our starting point.

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