Multi Day Trips & Expeditions

We run a number of multi-day trips and Sailing-Kayaking expeditions in the islands of Greece. Such trips offer the added pleasure of wild camping or sailing, the element of adventure and the experience of spending long times in the nature, away from modernities we're used to in everyday life. 

Multi-day sea kayaking trips are for sure one of the best ways to connect with nature and experience the Greek seas.


Circumnavigation of Antiparos and Despotiko 

Itinerary: Circumnavigation of Antiparos & Despotiko + 1 day trip in Paros


May 6th - May 12th 2018

May 27th - June 2nd 2018

September 30th - October 6th 2018

Kayaking days: 4 (3 days on the expedition + 1 day trip in Paros)

Paddling level: Some experience required

Distances on average: 18km per day


This is a weeks stay in Paros where we'll choose the best 3days in terms of weather conditions to realize our 3day circumnavigation. You'll get 1 day off to rest and explore the island and 1 kayaking day trip in Paros. Madaky hotel in Naousa village in Paros will accommodate you and the rooms are located in the center of Naousa one of the prettiest villages of the island which hosts a beautiful old port, a marina, many tavernas, cafes and shops and a little beach with crystal clear waters. 

Note: Accommodation can be different if you wish for other options

Cost: 550€/person

What is included:

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Kayaks (singles or doubles)
  • Paddles, spraydecks, pfd's, dry bags, pumps, everything that's needed to paddle including first aid and repair kits.
  • Transportation to launching site and back.
  • Sea kayak guide (BCU certified).
  • Group tarp that provides shade and protection in the rare case of rain.
  • Stoves, cutlery, pots etc.
  • Snorkeling equipment

What you need to bring:

  • A hat, broad bim is better.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Long sleeved top (e.g. lycra) for paddling.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Swimming suits & t shirts.
  • An extra layer of clothes for the evenings-nights (light trousers, fleece top, light wind-proof jacket).
  • A head torch.
  • Sandals or some light water-suitable pair of shoes
  • Your preferred camping equipment: Tent, carry mat, sleeping bag (we also have available equipment).
  • A book to read or a diary!
  • Camera

Please note that in case of strong wind conditions throughout the whole week the trip's itinerary might be altered for safety reasons in a greater or lesser degree.



Sailing and Sea Kayaking



A Unique way to experience the Greek islands


This is a week long sailing trip with sea kayaks on board combining vacations in a sailing yacht and sea kayaking. Get on board a 43 foot sailing yacht and visit Greek islands in one of the most rich ways to experience the impressive coastline and culture, by boat and kayak.


In a glimpse:

  • 7days on a sailing yacht with kayaks on board
  • Sailing through different islands in the Cyclades, Greece
  • Sea kayaking every day
  • Accommodation and food atop a sailing yacht
  • Maximum 6 participants in double bed cabins
  • Hosted by a skipper and kayak guide (BCU certified)


Itinerary: A selection of Cycladic islands, Aegean Sea


Dates: October 8th-October 14th 2018,

Upon request after September for a minimum of 4 persons.


Kayaking days: Every day


Paddling level: Some experience required 


Distances on average: From 5 to 20km per day.


In detail:  


Atop the yacht we carry our sea kayaks and their equipment:

  • Tandem sit in sea kayaks (Rainbow Atlantis 5,50m)
  • Sprayskirts (Peak Uk)
  • PFD's (Peak UK)
  • Split paddles (Werner)
  • Pumps & Safety equipment (VHF, repair/first aid kits etc)

Once on location we put the sea kayaks in the water to paddle along the sheltered coastline and witness remote beaches, crystal clear water and impressive rock formations or sea caves. The sailing boat may be waiting for us at the end of our route. Paddling distances can range from 5 to 20km depending on our preferences, available time and weather conditions. We will make stops to rest, swim and snorkel. Back on board the yacht we get comfortable, rest and enjoy the simplicity of living afloat.



The boat, a Jeannau Sun Odyssey 43, is equipped to comfortably accommodate and safely travel us in the Greek seas. We will meet in Paros island and take off to visit the following islands*:

  • Antiparos
  • Folegandros
  • Poliegos
  • Kimolos
  • Milos

*Itinerary and islands to be visited are subject to weather conditions.

In each island we have great options to paddle, visit villages, see archaeological sites and anchor in remote bays. From island to island depending on the wind conditions we will make the most with sailing and everyone will be able to participate in that process. The size of the boat and spirit of this trip is for a joint powers-teamwork type of vacation as the boat is a more enjoyable and efficient transportation mean if all members let a hand and get involved.


Accommodation & food

Accommodation is in the boat in double bed cabins with one toilet/shower per two cabins. Cabins are equipped with bed linen and towels and the galley (kitchen) is capable of hosting a great cooking variety. You are able to make your own food (breakfast, lunch, snacks) and we can make a group menu for the week. We surely take in charge several meals as we love to prepare and offer you tastes which are connected with the marine and fishermen culture of Greece.

When the time is right we enjoy snacks like mezes, small bites of Greek products which are usually accompanied by a local spirit. After a day of activity, food and relaxation we are ready to welcome a bright starry night whilst anchored on a secluded bay.


The Skipper and Kayak guide

The hosts are father and son George and Alex. George is been sailing and working in the yacht chartering sector for 45years as a skipper, boat owner, yacht broker and yacht charter company owner. Alex is running sea kayaking trips in the Cycladic island Paros after having created Sea Kayak Paros in 2014. Hi is a BCU advanced sea kayak leader (5*). Both are very happy to be able to work together in this joint project, looking forward to spend some quality time in the sea and show and share as much of their knowledge of the sea, activities and Greek culture.


Cost: 1600€/person for a total of 4 participants or 1300€/person for a total of 6 participants


What is included:

  • All the kayaking equipment and guide payment
  • The yacht chartering and skipper's payment
  • The food consumed in the boat
  • Fuel and water expences and port fees (if needed)

What you need to bring:

  • A hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Long sleeved top for optimal sun protection during paddling.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Swimming suits & t shirts.
  • Waterproof trousers and jackets for sailing (we can provide paddling jackets)
  • An extra layer of clothes for the evenings-nights (light trousers, fleece top, water/wind-proof jacket).
  • Sandals or some light water-suitable pair of shoes
  • A book to read or a diary!
  • Camera

For Inquiries & Bookings please contact us 

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